The AWTHNTKTS (AW•THN•T•KTS) have been on their grind to spread the die-hard commitment that remains so persistent in their music and live performance. Quickly becoming the face of Iowa City Hip-Hop, The AWTHNTKTS have opened for independent artists such as Freddie Gibbs, Prof, Louis Logic, Open Mike Eagle, Black Milk, Mac Lethal, Dark Time Sunshine, Carnage the Executioner, Grayskul, Psalm One, Ceschi Ramos and DJ Abilities. Each member falls into their own realm of lyrical wit & conduct with a common goal to put Iowa City back on the map for local AND touring Hip-Hop heads. In anticipation of a release by each emcee in the year 2014, The AWTHNTKTS are eager to show the world how hip-hop is done in the heart of the nation.

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