Chad Whitacre

Greetings, program! I'm the founder of Gittip, a way to give money every week to people and teams you believe in. Gittip launched in June, 2012, and as of January, 2014, we have about 2,300 active users exchanging about $10,000 per week. Gittip is funded on Gittip.

I run Gittip as openly as possible, and I helped launch the Open Company Initiative to associate with other companies committed to maximizing transparency and openness as a defining element in how we create value. Andrew Leonard, writing in Salon, said of me, “[I]n 20 years of reporting, I don't think I've ever met anyone quite so committed to real transparency.”

I'm an active programmer and designer. I have strong interests in philosophy, religion, and music. I started a small publishing company called Logstown. I live outside Pittsburgh with my wife and four kids.

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