Circuit des Yeux

Circuit des Yeux is a solo project of young musician Haley Fohr, whose emotional maturity is well ahead of her age.  Already a world traveler with an impressive past, Fohr has been a key member in multiple DIY lo-fi projects.  The first Circuit des Yeux performances were very bare bones, incorporating only a Yamaha keyboard, a cassette player, and a tom.  In the years since, her sound has grown and developed into a more cultivated operation, blending folk and noise rock into a fascinating combination.

Her most recent release Overdue is an album which she labels “the story of my life AKA the story of your life”.  Circuit des Yeux music has garnered a more elaborate presentation and sound.  Filled with gorgeous melodies and full orchestrations, idyllic builds quickly turn to somber tunes and over again, creating a relatable peaks and valleys journey through music.

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