Cities Aviv

Cities Aviv first garnered attention in 2011 with his debut release Digital Lows, in which he created a lush soundscape by casting an array of musical influences, along with the rich heritage of Memphis rap, into the alchemical cauldron and set it to boil. Digital Lows attempted to shine light into the murky depths of interconnected living in the material plane, and explore the detritus of a technological life, while also lyrically conveying the growing pains of the new self. 

2012’s Black Pleasure, sonically challenged listeners, as the rich tones of Digital Lows began to deconstruct into a blown-out and gritty resonance, transporting listeners to a separate reality where the lines of pleasure and pain are entangled and debauch is the natural order. Amid this chaos, Aviv pummeled listeners with an appeal to assess their own realities, habits, and processes, and asserts that “Life is Real,” a seemingly simple statement, yet a fact that is often taken for granted. 

His third album Come to Life sees Aviv come full circle- finding a balance amid the turbulence of burgeoning adulthood in the URL and IRL, and arising from the transformative flames as a harbinger of the new paradigm. Aviv’s street gospel stylings affix themselves in union with the eternal essence, and exist outside of the confines of trend, genre, or time-signature, flowing organically within the digital corridor. While his work will forever remain personal, Come to Life is also universal, and petitions listeners to reclaim their individualities, their dreams, and their true desires. 

Cities Aviv is Wilbert Gavin. Life is real. Come to Life.

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