David Last

David Last is a producer recently relocated to Denver CO, from Brooklyn NY. His combination of deep rhythm, psychedelic sound design and melodicism has gained him an increasing following since the release of his first album "The Push Pull" in 2005.

David’s albums and tracks have been released in a variety of contexts with labels like BPitch Control (Berlin), Staubgold (Berlin), Konque (NYC), Mesa Recordings (Santa Fe), Foundsound/Unfoundsound(Berlin), François K’s WaveTec label (NYC), and Audio.NL (Rotterdam). His releases have gained support from tough critics like pitchforkmedia and BoomKat. International projects further afield of dance music have included the performance of a commissioned soundtrack for a cavern in Japan, the soundtrack to a computer animated Imax film about talking atoms, and a video/music installation in Amsterdam.

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