David Zollo & The Body Electric

If you're a follower of the midwestern indie music world (or of American
roots music generally) you might be forgiven for thinking David Zollo has
been around forever. The truth is, it just seems that way. 

Since bursting on the scene as a baby-faced 21-year-old with Iowa City's
white-hot, road-chewing pub-rockers, High and Lonesome in 1992, Zollo 
has done just about everything you can do in the rock and roll business. 
Whether as a singer/songwriter/keyboardist with his own bands; as a 
sideman for an incredible array of roots music talent; as founder/owner/
operator of legendary underground label,Trailer Records; or producer to 
up-and comers, Zollo always maintained a ridiculously frenetic schedule, logging thousands of miles and 200+ gigs a year, doing all of these things at an incredibly high level. By 2002 he had produced six records of his own material.

Of the many things that David Zollo does and does well, it is on stage that 
he seems most comfortable and happy. Long known as an exuberant, 
passionate performer, it is clear that at present, Zollo is relishing the 
opportunity to do what he does best: make music. If you haven't had the 
pleasure, try to catch him while you can; solo, or with his band The 
Body Electric. Either way, you'll get a chance to experience the timeless 
power of a voice that seems to have been with us forever. 

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