Dead Rider

It's been almost five years since Dead Rider unleashed it's brand of dark psychedelic funk. Since that first show in their hometown of Chicago IL, they have produced two LPs, toured the United states extensively, and played a handful of UK gigs including the ATP festival in 2011 and 2012. A few great players have been in and out of the group in that time. Todd Rittmann (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Andrea Faught (synth, trumpet, vocals), Matthew Espy (drums), and Thymme Jones (synth, trumpet, vocals) have been the current lineup for the last two years and have furthered the band's reputation as a challenging and entertaining powerhouse.

In 2010 the band released their second LP, The Raw Dents. This record continued the their trajectory of fresh syncopated rhythmic ideas with bold, and sometimes abrasive, sonic textures. The sound examines total juxtapositions between harmony and noise, chaos and groove, bombast and space, beauty and disaster. Though the emphasis is on songwriting, the players are free to subvert. The hooks are designed more like events than simple repeating motifs, dissonance and elegance are embraced with equal measure.

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