Mind Over Mirrors

The lone member of Mind Over Mirrors, Jaime Fennelly creates music that isn’t quite like anything being produced today. Described as the solitary reeling of an electronicist/harmoniumist, Fennelly’s fourth album When the Rest Are Up at Four was dropped in September of 2013 on Immune Records. The magical electronic masterpiece of Fennellys latest work took shape after living on a remote island in the Salish Sea of Washington State, but the artist now takes residence in Chicago, Illinois where he collaborates in other groups such as the jazz trio, Acid Birds. An underground music and visual culture publication, Ad Hoc, put it best saying, “"the whole point of Mind Over Mirrors seems to be taking old-standby components of Minimalism— harmonium, oscillators, a hoard of delay— and reconfiguring them for something fresh, perhaps as a kind of soundtrack for the first day after the New Age."

You can find his music at http://www.soundcloud.com/mindovermirrors.

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