of Montreal

of Montreal is the wildly eclectic band formed by the multitalented front man, Kevin Barnes. The genre-transcending group has incorporated elements of funk, psychedelic and glam rock with electronic influences all molded together around their Indie-Pop roots to create a sound entirely their own and impossible to define. With over a decade of experience and twelve albums under their belt, of Montreal continues to create melodies that captivate audiences while keeping them guessing at every turn.

Their latest album, Lousy with Sylvianbriar, comes after Barnes’ sabbatical in San Francisco, where he roamed the unfamiliar surroundings of The City by the Bay allowing the west coast culture to consume him in order to produce an album that Pitchfork described as “arguably the best of Montreal album since Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?” By recording most of the tracks live with the instruments in the same room together, Lousy abandons computer effects and pays homage to the classic Bay Area rock that inspired it.

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