Though perhaps known best for his role as drummer and backup vocalist in Bon Iver, there is no denying that Sean Carey is a talented and capable artist in his own right. His debut album All We Grow is the result of a lifetime spent immersed in music - from his roots as a classically trained percussionist to his years touring and recording. His performance degree in classical percussion from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and his love for jazz drumming prepared him for a central role in the inspiring force of the Bon Iver live show. Recorded during downtime between tours, the parallels between his two ventures are striking, yet nonetheless they are quite different. Carey masterfully utilizes rich yet subtle percussive elements that lend incredible texture to his music, creating an incredibly dynamic and engaging sound. Though sometimes compared to artists like Sufjan Stevens, his distinct vocal stylings are what truly set him apart, turning the album into an ambitious yet intimate ride for listeners.

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