Taser Island

Taser Island is a music and video performance project. I will be presenting a past project, which is a journey through Iowa City neighborhoods, where through photography, video and sound I study the architecture of the houses and how it relates to  and is engendered by nature. I have written and will perform compositions inspired by this.  I also will present the beginning of my Soundwave artist residency project, "Ark and Surroundings." where I explore the current state, history and future around the waterways of the San Francisco Bay. The future, and dystopia aspect of the  project partly builds on the fears associated with environmental degradation, water pollution and global warming. I interview various people related to this theme, including scientist, dock workers, science fiction writers, architects, boat captains and the like. The composition performed  is created by mapping the freighter ships and its sounds, i.e. . samples and field recordings,  as well as using instruments from the country of the ships origins. Please refer to the example on band camp, http://taserisland.bandcamp.com

Thank You to our foundation sponsors