In 1997, Weekend bandmates Shaun Durkan and Kevin Johnson met and joined creative forces at the young age of 12 as bassists in the school band. Once in college at the San Francisco Art Institute, the two met future drummer Abe Pedroza who was Durkans rommate. In 2009 the trio dropped their first LP, Sports. As Johnson puts it, “When we wrote Sports it was an explosion of energy and ideas. We'd been talking about doing the band for 10 years, so when we finally got together it was a cathartic release of energy and songs." After Sports, the band found themselves on an international tour departing from their signature noisy sound to a new vibe that Durkan describes in three words as, “volatile, cathartic, and bittersweet.” With their new sound, Weekend started recording their newest album, Jinx. Durkan puts it best saying, “The record is a collage of inspiration and ideas from each member of the band. Shards of experiences, images, smells, sounds molded into something we can collectively call ours." 

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