William Trowbridge

William Trowbridge is the Poet Laureate of Missouri. He is the author of the poetry collections Ship of Fool (2011), Enter Dark Stranger (1989), O Paradise (1995), Flickers (2000), and The Complete Book of Kong (2003), and three chapbooks. His latest book, Put This On, Please (2014), contains work from all five of his full collections, as well as a group of new poems. This seriocomic account of human foibles, vices, and wonders follows misfits and outcasts whose ramblings and shamblings reflect our own well-meaning gropes for fulfillment. Billy Collins praises this upcoming release: “Plunging head first into the colorful waters of popular culture, William Trowbridge manages to find there are ways to reiterate some of the basic stuff of lyric poetry. His gathered poems combine pointed social criticism with just plain verbal fun.”

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