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Preview: The Ben Marcus

The Ben Marcus is employed by the HEAD CAVERN. The head cavern can either be self-supplied in nature or it is furnished, in larger numbers, by multiple ELDER BUREAUS, who, on behalf of the EMPTY VESSEL or INK STICK HOLDER, siphon large amounts of money to the Ben Marcus at THE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. When the […]

Preview: Today is the Day w/ Lair of the Minotaur and Mouth of the Architect

My steady diet of Falbo Brother’s pizza, Bass ale, and [adult swim]’s Metalocaplypse has done two things for me: made my pants a little tighter and re-awakened the metal head inside. So while excavating my Ride the Lighting shirt from moth balls and ironing the wrinkles out of my Ozzman Cometh T; I’ve been thrashing […]

Preview: Indiestravaganza! featuring Neva Dinova, The Evangelicals, Headlights and The Western Front

Don’t think too much about those people ga-ga-ing in Davenport on Thursday night, because you might miss, what on any other day, would be the hottest ticket in town. Mission Creek’s gonna be serving up more indie Thursday at The Picador than any four walls should be able to hold, when Headlights and The Evangelicals […]

Preview: So Many Dynamos

Record, celebrate, tour/drink, repeat; thus seems to be the life of any band. So Many Dynamos, out of Edwardsville, IL (a St. Louis suburb), are currently making the transition from step two to three. With two albums already under its belt (2006’s Flashlights is the most recent), the quartet are itching to get their (as […]

Freakin' Weekend: 3.27-3.29

Freakin’ Weekend: 3.27-3.29

We’re deep into March Madness, but this weekend we’ll be turning our calendar into April and looking forward to some certifiable April insanity: Mission Creek 08 is just around the corner, less than a week away. With that on our radar, it’s hard to justify hitting the town too hard this weekend, but there’s still […]

Preview: The Mekons

The Mekons started as a late 70s British punk band, but that isn’t really the point.  Certainly they developed out of an important scene at a very important time, but the history of the Mekons points back more directly to 1984, when the British miners’ union was on strike and people had assumed the Mekons […]

Band of Horsepower: Indie Rock Sells Cars

Band of Horsepower: Indie Rock Sells Cars

Let me start this post by stating the obvious. This winter has sucked. Specifically, it has sucked the marrow from my bones and left a slushy trail of S.A.D. in its wake. The winter has also left roughly 32.73 inches of permafrost on the roads of Iowa City, damaging the streets and also the fragile […]

Daytrotter Presents: Throw Me The Statue

Daytrotter Presents: Throw Me The Statue

Every time Daytrotter puts together live music we wind up having a great time, so we’d be remiss if we neglected to point you towards their upcoming show featuring Seattle’s Throw Me The Statue, who are presently on the road in support of their Secretly Canadian debut, Moonbeams. The show’s going down Thursday night at […]

New Music: Fourth of July - Medicine

New Music: Fourth of July - Medicine

In the “in case you missed it” department, our Lawrence dawgs Fourth of July recently posted a new mp3 for you to download. How recently? I’m not sure as I haven’t checked Myspace in a bit, but it’s only got 340 plays (like, 10 of which are from me) compared with 9,000 for “She’s In […]

SXSW: Mission Creek Staff Member Destroyed by Rock n’ Roll / Freakin’ Weekend 3.20 - 3.22

I dunno what you did last weekend but we got straight-up crushed by the festivity that is SXSW in Austin. Craig and I headed down there as journalists for Cokemachineglow, but we had other motives as well. One of those motives was 72 hours of inebriation and Mexican food but another one was to check […]