Preview: Indiestravaganza! featuring Neva Dinova, The Evangelicals, Headlights and The Western Front

Don’t think too much about those people ga-ga-ing in Davenport on Thursday night, because you might miss, what on any other day, would be the hottest ticket in town. Mission Creek’s gonna be serving up more indie Thursday at The Picador than any four walls should be able to hold, when Headlights and The Evangelicals will handle opening duties (along with the IC’s own The Western Front) for Omaha’s Neva Dinova.

Headlights has been criss-crossing the US of A since mid February, in support of the band’s second long-player, the warm, home-recorded Some Racing, Some Stopping. The five-some from the other side of the muddy Mississipp stripped things down on its latest effort but that doesn’t diminish that fluttery feeling you get in your tummy (like when that cute girl walks by) when vocalist Erin Fein (who could be that cute girl) coos and croons. However, you probably know all of this already, seeing as that there are Headlights posts all the time on mission freak!

Headlights’ touring partner, Oklahoma’s own pontificators, The Evangelicals, will (as it’s been since February) be in tow. And those boys from the pan-handle state have come out of the pulpit with an album of their own, the deliriously psyched-out The Evening Descends. Which has also been reported ad nauseum here (I feel a bit like a broken record).

New records must be all the rage, cause Neva Dinova’s doing that whole new disc thing too. The group’s third full-length (first with Saddle Creek) is set to drop, as previously reported, a mere five days later on April 8th. Keep your eyes peeled, they may have copies of You May Already Dreaming for sale. And if the title is any indication, it appears the new LP will be yet another bittersweet plume of indie-pop from these cornhuskers.

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