Tuesday, April 5 TBD
Doors Open:TBD
Supporting Act(s): Mamiffer

Formed in Germany in the late 60s, Faust is one of the original experimental rock bands, and an icon of the krautrock genre… perhaps THE most iconic krautrock band, heralded as a ground-breaking and innovative group of musicians from the very beginning. Their first album, Faust, was released in 1971, their second album So Far was released in 1972, and their third album, IV, was released in 1973 before the group disbanded. Some of the original members reunited in 1990, and they’ve released a new series of albums including their latest Something Dirty (2011) and j U S t (2014). Ever innovative and experimental, Faust evades strict categorization, recording music that merges pop, psychedelia, tape, and electronic music. Their sound continues to draw attention for its catchy and unique substance, and their live performances are known to be explosive and expressive. This will be Faust’s first (and perhaps only) ever performance in Iowa, and they will be joined by artists from our community for a one-of-a-kind, collaborative performance/experience.