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Wednesday, April 6 8:00 pm
“Things Our Bodies Used to Have”, the second LP by Chicago-based trio Good Willsmith, explores possible intersections of textural noise collage, cosmic synth meditation, and abstract music in a live suite of layered improvisations. Limited clear vinyl edition of 300 copies with in-house design featuring original photographs by Sam Prekop (The Sea and Cake).
Recent Press
Good Willsmith builds itself on structured improvisation; it’s deftly displayed in the Chicago band’s stellar live performances, in which Natalie Chami, Max Allison and Doug Kaplan demonstrate fluid and frightening chemistry.” - NPR All Songs Considered (track premiere)
“…they have spent the last four years traversing the outer reaches of semi-freeform, loop-based music. They’re currently Chicago’s best-kept secret, but that oversight is set to change .” - Fact Magazine (feature)
“…dizzying vocal loops and Grateful Dead-gone-sci-fi guitar exercises, their most intimately plotted and deliriously propulsive release to date… you get the sense that Things Our Bodies Used to Have exists because of closeness which which the three of them operate as a unit. It’s basic chemistry: put the right three elements together and they react—and on the other side is something beautiful.” - VICE/THUMP (album premiere / interview)
“Despite how familiar the set-up of loopers, keys and guitars initially sounds, the breadth of timbres employed here is simply staggering. Too few have ventured into the territory on Side A since [Frank Zappa’s] Weasels Ripped My Flesh‘s wilder momeents; bending the makeup of the psychedelic rock band at the atomic level into alien shapes that still hint at the familiar.” - Wire review
“Sure, you could call what this threesome does “world-building.” You could call it “elemental.” But what Natalie Chami, Doug Kaplan, and Maxwell Allison pull off here is more a process of setting us on a pathway, allowing us to acclimate, then slowly veering it off course until our idea of “where we’re going” is proven ridiculously futile. Each member’s section displays a radically different mindset at work, each individual a piece as infinitely layered and microscopically dense as the others, and each receding back into space as easily as they crept up.” - Tiny Mix Tapes (Eureka review)
“Things Our Bodies Used to Have is an odyssey, not of where the three piece has been or where they’re going, but rather for a genre as a whole confined by limited peripherals.” - KEXP Blog
“Kaplan, Allison, and Chami combine for an album of dreamy, droney songs that play out like intercepted FM transmissions from some REM-state radio station, going from bucolic and moody to shrieking and terrifying.” -Bandcamp Blog
Show History
Good Willsmith has played over 100 shows in 20+ states and has shared the stage with Bitchin Bajas, Clipping., Eric Copeland (Black Dice), Date Palms, Eartheater Guardian Alien, Guerilla Toss, Horse Lords, Mark McGuire, Mind Over Mirrors, Mount Eerie, Mountains, Negativland, Sam Prekop, Pulse Emitter, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Wolf Eyes, Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa, & many many more