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Friday, April 8 4:30 pm
Motley Cow Cafe
Featuring: John Lindenbaum, Jordan Sellergren, Ryan Joseph Anderson, and Brian Johannesen
Moderated by: Samantha Blickhan
The International Songwriting Machine started in late 2014 as a sort of “songwriting club” amongst a group of friends who wanted to help push each other to write more and better. The Machine has evolved into a collective of 8 different songwriters in 5 different cities, from Nashville, TN to Fort Collins, CO. With technology making it easier than ever to share music in an instant, these writers have been able to inspire, challenge, and celebrate each other’s creativity on a regular basis. International Songwriting Machine - In The Round will see 6 members of the Machine share work that was written for this “club,” and discuss the songwriting process, how to find inspiration and fight writer’s block, and the benefits of creative peer pressure.