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Tuesday, April 5 TBD
Doors Open:TBD

Faith Coloccia started Mamiffer as a solo project, performing anywhere in Seatlle-from sewers to art galleries. As the project evolved, Coloccia enlisted a rotation of different musicians to collaborate with, mixing her hauntingly beautiful vocals and fragmented neo-classical sound with electronic hums to create the band’s minimalistic, droning sound, which Pitchfork has described as “…if Tori Amos went mute and post-metal.” The band is now comprised of two core members, Coloccia and her husband Aaron Turner. The duo still collaborates with a slew of other musicians, including with Chicago-based Locrian for their joint album Bless Them That Curse You. Mamiffer’s latest album, 2014’s Statu Nascendi, is only four songs but spans a dreamy 37 minutes.