Friday, April 8 7:00 pm
The Mill
Doors Open:6:00 pm

Named after Waxahatchee Creek, Ala., lead singer/songwriter Katie Crutchfield formed the American indie band Waxahatchee in 2010. Then apart of P.S. Eliott, Crutchfield released the first Waxahatchee split cassette while collaborating with Chris Clavin on Plan-It-X Records. Focusing on personal relationships and lust, Crutchfield continued recording to release American Weekend, followed by a move to Brooklyn, NY, in 2012. American Weekend received praise leading to Waxahatchee’s second album, Cerulean Sea in March of 2013. With recognition from NPR and Pitchfork, the band’s fame steadily increased which lead to an international tour supporting the music act of Tegan and Sara.
After signing with Merge Records, Crutchfield released Ivy Tripp in April of 2015. Soon followed by a headlining tour throughout North America, the album received positive reviews noting the development of Crutchfield as a musician. Having played at the Pitchfork music festival in 2015, and scheduled to play at Bonnaroo in 2016 - Waxahatchee continues to solidify an ever-growing fan base.