Looking Back: Our Favorite Albums of 2007 #4

#4 :: The Field
From Here We Go Sublime (Kompakt, 2007)

The Field’s From Here We Go Sublime does for minimal (or micro) house what St. Germain’s Tourist (2000) did for jazzy house: it positions itself as an indisputable classic within its genre, appealing to both electronica heads and fringe listeners. Why would you want anything more when the Field’s got everything covered? This record is a celebration of nuance and patience, its tracks unfolding like expanding puzzles. Each successive sample or synth line reveals unforeseen aural depths and tells us just a bit more about the ever-progressive structures of these songs: each piece is a linear journey beginning with restraint and ending with the kitchen sink. At moments the ascent is logical, like the steady build of “Good Things End” and other times it’s fascinating to witness tracks — “Sun & Ice” — quite literally devour themselves. The irony of this record is how it turns the name of its own genre — minimal house — on its head. While casual listens allow you to slip into mellow personal nooks, close attention proves that the Field is anything but minimal; these tracks are loaded with precision, the sonic detail is astonishing. I can already feel this review, in its efforts to do its subject justice, sounding like head-talk or the prose of music critics and academics. Fuck that. At its essence From Here We Go Sublime is subtle and enjoyable house music, less interested in the club-rocking ecstasy peaks of populist brand name DJs than in the magic of personal interaction with sound. This is the retreat from Ibiza or the descent from Fabric. It’s taking the party home to its intimate roots: back to your apartment with your closest friends. (Andre)

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The Field
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