Festival '08

Preview: New Bohemia Festival 2008

Mission Creek is extremely pleased to have been a part of the booking for this year’s 2nd annual New Bohemia Music & Arts Festival in Cedar Rapids. We’ve already announced our own involvement with it, which we recommend you refresh your memory on here. But beyond our own participation with the fest, this year’s New [...]

Mission Creek Curates Stages At New Bohemia Fest!: HEALTH / Murder By Death / William Elliott Whitmore / The Poison Control Center / many more!

It’s been kind of slow around the Mission Creek collective lately. Folks have been in / out of town, studying for tests, and working for the man. Nevertheless, we’ve got some big news for the month of August: Cedar Rapids’ New Bohemia has invited Mission Creek to curate some stages at this year’s annual New [...]

New Music: Sam Locke-Ward Big Band

Iowa City is home to one of the best eccentric pop songwriters in these United States. His name is Sam Locke-Ward and the obvious musical reference point would be Daniel Johnston, which is slightly misleading since Sam isn’t crazy — he’s viciously smart and well put together — though he does share an undeniable link [...]

Mission Creek Festival: Photo Roundup! [Updated]

Thanks to staff photographer Kristin Wood for these great shots of this year’s fest.  Click on the links for full galleries of some of this year’s most memorable performances.
Day One Gallery, feat. Vandaveer, These United States, Pieta Brown, 4th of July, Birth Rites, Wheelers, MC/VL, and Datagun.
Day Two Gallery, feat. Neva Dinova, Cepia, Oh Astro, [...]

Preview: Blitzen Trapper w/ Fleet Foxes (Mission Creek Hangover Show)

Yeah, I know, you’ve got a laundry list of reasons not to make the trek out to Rock Island tonight: a test/work in the morning, MCO, and the NCAA finals.
Okay, the show’s gonna start at 7 pm, this ain’t no Picador-stumbling-out-the-door-drunk-at-1:45 show, this is at Huckleberry’s Great Pizza, a restaurant which closes at a reasonable [...]

Mission Creek Festival: Day Four: Sam

The final Mission Creek journal from our dear friend, Sam Edsill…
Music lovers of Iowa City, you disappoint me. Yes, you turned out in droves for Cursive. You flocked by the carload 60 miles east for Spoon. And hardly another body could be wedged onto the Picador’s dance floor for Dan Deacon. But sadly, so many [...]

Mission Creek Festival: Day Four: John C.

So we made it.  We can trot out all of those clichés about dust and smoke settling, because, let’s be frank, we’re all really fuckin’ tired.  Many Mission Creekers took advantage of this concert-free day to sleep till noon, or later.  Last night, however, smoke and dirt were flying everywhere, and I find myself a [...]

Mission Creek Festival: Day Three: Sam

Um, wow. Well things were crazy ’round here, as you can well see. However, in all the confusion and drunkeness, one of Sam Edsill’s dispatches got lost in the gmail-shuffle (not quite the same as either the truffle or Super Bowl Shuffles). So here, without further ado, the presumed lost, entirely unread, [...]

Mission Creek Festival: Day Three: John C.

It’s official: I hit the wall.
Last night, following one of the more intense sets I’ve seen in months (more on that later), I wedged myself into a booth at the Mill. While sitting there, watching the dance floor fill up with Cursive fans, I got a case of what’s been dubbed Mission Creek Overload, otherwise [...]

Mission Creek Festival: Day Two: Sam

A dispatch from intrepid reporter Sam Edsill:
It’s a good thing I’m done with work for the remainder of the festival. As a post-graduate twenty-something two years into the 9-5 working world, the one-two punch of late nights and early mornings hits a little harder than it used to be. But as some will suffer for [...]