WTF?: Sales Genie and the Art of Keepin’ it Racist

Sales GenieHey, I just saw the best Super Bowl in my whole life. Who knew Eli Manning was all grown up? I also saw the most tasteless ad in recent years. Perhaps it was an attempt to rally attention through negative feedback, but Sales Genie’s ad portraying panda bears with racist Asian stereotypes was wholly inappropriate. What were their lawyers thinking? What ad exec thought this would fly? To tell the truth, Sales Genie CEO Vin Gupta wrote this ad himself and the fact that he is a minority of Indian descent (or the fact that he is one of the biggest contributors to the Democratic Party) doesn’t mean he can’t be racist too. Maybe he should just keep crunching the numbers and giving the Clintons free rides on his private jet. Not that any of you were about to launch sales campaigns via Sales Genie’s list services, but if you were, think again and tell these people to go to hell. Don’t believe us? Watch the ad for yourself and feel free to comment below:

Sales Genie Ad on You Tube

2 Responses to “WTF?: Sales Genie and the Art of Keepin’ it Racist”

  1. 1 todd

    i’m glad i wasn’t the only one horrified at this. i couldn’t believe they ran not one but TWO of these ads. isn’t there supposed to be someone who flags these things before they happen in real time?

  2. 2 Mark Dowdy

    Yikes. The voice of Mr. Wong returns.

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