Justify My Love: El Guincho

I can’t lie: since living in Spain some years ago, I’ve had a tremendous affinity for all aspects of its culture. So on this wintry mix of a night in Iowa City, I feel obligated to bring you the exuberant pop of El Guincho, a single dude named Pablo Diaz-Reixa out of Barcelona (for the love of all things holy, please just go there if you ever have the chance) who gets his Panda Bear on, among other things, in the most festive and outgoing way possible. It’s only fitting that Pau Gasol dropped 24 and 12 on the Nets in his Lakers debut tonight. Maybe he was listening to El Guincho antes del juego.

You can stream the whole thing from El Guincho’s Myspace, but why not hit up some downloadable tracks below? Apparently it was released sometime during ‘07 via a label called Discoteca Océano, which is also a Spanish-language blog. I, for one, am beyond obsessed with this though I don’t really get it. The total mish-mash of Tropicalia, 60s sunshine pop, world music, and sampling is getting me through this winter mess.

Download: El Guincho - Palmitos Park

Download: El Guincho - Cuando Maravilla Fui

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