Preview: DRI (live in Rock Island)

Temperatures may rise a bit on Wednesday as this nasty little weather pattern heads to the Northeast to bug my folks, so what better way could we celebrate other than taking a little roadie? Granted Rock Island is just a hop, skip, and a jump across the Mississippi away, but there’s no way we could pass up a chance to see Dri at an intimate little place like Huckleberry’s Pizza (located in Rock Island’s picturesque little downtown.) Once again, our homies at Daytrotter are putting this show on, so you should make it priority number one this Wednesday to be in Rock Island by 7:00 to catch the show. Some of our faithful may recall Dri both for her solo set at the Picador in December, but also as a member of Fourth of July, who have played Iowa City multiple times in the last year. If not, this will be a great opportunity to get you acquainted.

A veteran of the Lawrence and Omaha indie scenes, Dri released her solo debut, Smoke Rings via Range Life Records. An unusual slice of electronic soul-pop, Smoke Rings turned out to be one of our favorite records of 07. It’s a hot record and you ought to pick it up if you’re so inclined, but why not make the trip to Rock Island and pay the five bucks to see it live first? It’ll make you a better person at the end of the day. Suzannah Johannes, whose Range Life debut drops come April, will open. Plus, we hear Huckleberry’s has some pretty ill slices.

Download: Dri - Indria

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