Preview: Maritime + Hood Internet

The Hood InternetLet’s dance. Our friends Daytrotter continue to keep it real. I dunno if you heard but a beautiful venue in Davenport, the Capitol Theatre, has reopened its doors. This place is probably the most beautiful theater venue in Eastern Iowa so put it on yr list. Anyway, Daytrotter is putting on a show in this place to celebrate its newly established presence on the music scene. The first show features indie-rock song splitters Maritime and mash-up veterans the Hood Internet (responsible for great remixes of folks like T.I., M.I.A., Ol’ Dirty Bastard, White Williams, and more.) In one night you’ll be able to get yr dance steps worked out as well as yr angular indie rock thrash-on.

The show takes place this Sunday, February 24th at the Captiol Theatre (311 Ripley Street, Davenport, IA 52801.) Doors are 630PM and show is 7PM. Price is $5. You’ll be home and tucked in bed by 10PM.

On a totally unrelated note, my neighbor just gave me a copy of David Crosby’s debut album from like 1971. Damn! It’s awesome. Dave Crosby! WTF!? For fans of CSN(Y), Neil Young, and Jerry Garcia (all of whom are all over this LP.) Damn! It’s so frickin’ good! Justify my love, what?!

Download: Maritime - For Science Fiction

Download: The Hood Internet - I’m a Flirt (R.Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene)

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