New Music: Neva Dinova - Clouds (Saddle Creek)

As previously mentioned, Neva Dinova will headline a show this year at the Picador on April 3rd with Headlights, Evangelicals, and the Western Front. But the good news doesn’t stop there. This just in: Jake Bellows and Co. will unveil their 3rd full-length on April 8, just 5 days after they rock our humble little faces off. You May Already Be Dreaming is their debut for Saddle Creek, though they are bonafide veterans of Omaha’s indie community, having mightily outshone Bright Eyes on their split collaboration One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels. Their new label has posted a track available for your downloading purposes on their website, and we’d really like you to hear it. It’s called “Clouds,” and features much of what we’ve come to love about Neva: rambling, earth-shaking guitars and darkly personal imagery. Grab it below.

Download: Neva Dinova - Clouds