DancingThis year, we’re teaming up with our homeboys (and homegirls) — the School of Flyentology — to bring the best electronica show to Iowa City in several years. We’ve put together a bill of acts ranging from heady treats to butt-shakin’ beats. Headlining this bill is the undeniable champion of mash-up hits, the Hood Internet. This group flips your favorite tracks, sometimes as disparate as Fujiya & Miyagi and T.I., to make new songs that not only astonish but keep the dancefloor eternally hot. Oh Astro, veterans of the Illegal Art label (home of Girl Talk), make their own brand of sample-heavy club bangers. Opening the show is Cepia, a member of the Ghostly International label (perhaps the most respected domestic electronica label), who twists bleeps and blips into head-bobbing laptop fantasies. You can give each of these folks a listen below but really take our word for it: this is going to be the best electronica head/dance party that Iowa City has ever experienced. If you give as much as two sh-ts about electronic music, don’t miss this show. It’s going down at the Yacht Club, the homebase for the School of Flyentology’s dance night, on Thursday, April 3rd (the Flyentology peeps have been kind enough to move their weekly gig to Thursday from Tuesday for Mission Creek this year — thanks peeps.)

MP3s!!! Now with an extra dose of The Hood Internet, just to get you extra stoked.

Download: The Hood Internet - I Was an International Player (TV on the Radio vs. UGK)

Download: The Hood Internet - What You Know About Transparent Things (T.I. vs. Fujiya & Miyagi)

Download: Cepia - Hoarse

Download: Oh Astro - Snow Queen

And one that we’ve posted before:

Download: The Hood Internet - I’m a Flirt (Shoreline) (R. Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene)


  1. 1 ticia

    Sounds like fun. Love the Cepia track..

  2. 2 Anon

    Ghostly International is the most well-respected domestic electronica label? Do you know anything at all about electronica?

  3. 3 andre

    first of all: stop hating. that’s only going to make you an awfully grumpy person that no one wants to talk to.

    second of all: yeah i know a couple of things, if not everything, about electronica.

    third of all: ghostly kills it. they’re one of the best electronica labels around the U.S.A. cepia is doing some really interesting things right now — check out his new record.

  4. 4 todd

    how about instead of anonymously posting your ad hom bullshit on internet message boards, you come a little stronger with, um, a sound opinion? if you are such the expert on electronica, then i welcome your thoughts on the subject. because while Andre knows a shit-ton about electronia, i do not. so, let’s hear it! and hopefully you can come to the show and have a good time with us.

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