Daytrotter Presents: Throw Me The Statue

Every time Daytrotter puts together live music we wind up having a great time, so we’d be remiss if we neglected to point you towards their upcoming show featuring Seattle’s Throw Me The Statue, who are presently on the road in support of their Secretly Canadian debut, Moonbeams. The show’s going down Thursday night at the Redstone Room in Davenport, just a short drive east on I-80. The mp3 below comes from last year’s About to Walk EP, which SC has made available for download so that you can get just a taste of what to expect. Throw Me The Statue is the pop fantasy of one Scott Reitherman, all skittering drumbeats and keyboards layered upon keyboards. Not sure what to expect live - he’ll have a band with him, no doubt, but beyond that I can’t quite say. Rest assured that he’s a promising new voice in a long line of Northwestern popsters with a knack for bedroom anthems, and that’s reason enough to check it out. Brooks Strause from Cedar Falls opens. Doors are at 8pm, $5 to get in.

Download: Throw Me The Statue - About to Walk

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