New Music: CAW! CAW! - Organisms

About a month ago, Chicago’s Caw! Caw! stopped in town for a two night stand at the Mill and PS1 to promote their forthcoming debut EP Wait Outside, which hits record store shelves today. Caw! Caw!, of course, happen to be one of the most recent bands to join Iowa City’s own Slanty Shanty Records. You can preview the standout track, “Organisms” below. It’s a quirky, youthful sounding jangly pop tune that sees them draw on a wide array of textures. Already proficient as a live outfit, this debut expands on that success and promises to be well-received by a broad range of audiences.

Word is Caw! Caw! will be visiting Iowa City again in December, so keep your eyes open for that.

Download: CAW! CAW! - Organisms

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