New Music: The Blacks

You may recall the Blacks from their earth-shattering performance opening for Cursive at the Mill last April. If not, that’s really, terribly unfortunate, but you can still grab two new free (!) tunes from the SF/NY trio over at RCRD LBL. Tiger Songs is a two-song download only EP featuring totally new, previously unreleased tracks “Gravitas” and “Ammunition.” I’m just getting hip to RCRD LBL now as a result of this revelation, but they’re offering up free tracks just about every day for download. Cutting edge, no? Some come from their own roster of artists, some are commissioned just for the site. You can spend a lot of time messing around there, so hopefully you’ve got the next hour free. The myriad ways the music biz is changing is just amazing.

Go here to download the songs. I’m going to upload them to my iPod and go for a long run.

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