The more New Year’s Eve parties I experience the more I’m learning that the best approach is to keep drama and expectations to a minimum. I often have the most fun just finding a nice little bar, getting their early with some friends, drinking some beers and letting the night unfold in a natural way. Case in point: Fellow Mission Freaker Craig Eley and I rolled into an East Village bar last year with our buddy Gavin Black (of the Blacks). We showed up mad-early, there was no one else there and we had a lion’s share of drinks. By 11PM, the place was packed, we were talking to people, we’d never met, and toasting champagne glasses while the DJ spun an excellent mix of rock, soul, and rare groove. Perhaps such pedestrian gatherings aren’t your cup of tea. Maybe you wanna do a bunch of E and go see Justice or drink a bottle of Makers and rock out with the Drive-By Truckers or candy-flip and kick it Paul Oakenfold and Groove Armada. Maybe I’m just geting older. All of this to say that our pick for a killer New Year’s Eve party tonight is to swing by the Picador a bit early, find yourself a seat and let the beers start to flow. By 11PM, the place will be jumping and you’ll be sucking face with that girl / guy you’ve been crushing on in the Java House for the past three weeks. For a mere $5 you can kick it at the Picador all night. For you electronica heads, there will be a handful of DJs led by the very talented Nate Unique (from Chicago). For you rockers: there will also be live music from the aforementioned Blacks (from San Francisco and Brooklyn). The Picador has made it easy for you: just show up, hang out, and have a good time. Want some air? Go spend some time in the heat-lamped beer garden. The party kicks off at 9PM and you’ll see a bunch of Mission Freakers there having a swell time. Stop by and say hi.

WHAT: New Year’s Eve Party w. 4DJs and 2 Live Bands
WHERE: The Picador — 330 E. Washington Street, Iowa City
WHEN: WED, DEC 31 :: 9PM

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