Preview: Tuesday Night Social Club w. Santa & Harlan Muir

Winter has delivered his unavoidable smackdown. This original three-band bill has been cut down to two since Quad Cities rockers, the Oliver Twists, cannot make it into town due to their bassist being stranded in Michigan under piles of powder. No worries, though, ’cause the OTs are bound to make up the show and the combination of Santa and Harlan Muir is enough to keep the crowd possessed with music all night long. Harlan Muir, regrouping after the dissolution of his last group, Skursula, returns with a new act under his own moniker. Flexing his talent for quirky and catchy pop and mixing it with a leaning towards K-Records / Calvin Johnson twee, Muir’s accordion-driven music remains uniquely compelling despite the absence of his former bandmates. Santa, an indie-pop quintet, have been developing their rock gems for some time. Perhaps only second to Headlights in their hometown of Champaign, IL, Santa makes their first trip to Iowa City with a bag of Elvis Costello and Strokes-influenced songs.

What: Tuesday Night Social Club w. Santa & Harlan Muir
Where: The Mill
When: 9PM
How Much: FREE

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