Freakin’ Weekend: 1.15-1.17

Oh, man. Winter sure seems to have it in for us this year. And I know that it’s lame to talk about the weather when that’s all it seems anyone can talk about, but with today set to be the worst day of the week, we’re all wrapped up in coats, scarves, and dread. But we really don’t want to let winter win. So while we could give in, stay home and make hot cocoa and catch up on our Netflix queues, we’re going to try to brave the elements and support the people who actually have to lug their gear in this shit. Besides, the other thing that people can’t seem to stop talking about needs stimulating. And since it isn’t exactly the best time to invest, why not pay $5 for a show and put your hard earned cash (assuming you haven’t been a recession casualty yourself) into throwing some PBR’s down your throat? Sounds like a plan to me - plus you won’t feel the cold nearly as much when you head home.

One For The Team w. Dadkids, Happy Go Lovely / Picador / 6pm / $5 / ALL AGES
Twin Cities pop trio One For the Team are noteworthy for the fact that songwriter Ian Anderson (not this one) is the founder of Afternoon Records, home of some buddies of ours. They are also undeniable for the ridiculous hooks on their newest, Build It Up, out last year on the Militia Group.

Liberty Leg w. Girls of the Gravitron, TBA / Picador / 9:30pm
It’s actually been awhile since Liberty Leg has played out, so Friday night’s a good chance to go see what they’ve been working on. They bring it live, and to add to the chaos, Memphis’ noisy, raucous Girls of the Gravitron are playing as part of their lengthy tour. How bout some mystery? There’s still tentatively a band to be added. Any guesses?

Mannix! w. Petit Mal, Lipstick Homicide, Happy Chromosomes, Victorian Halls / Yacht Club / 7pm / $5
We don’t really need to say anything about this as I’m pretty sure we’ve fallen in love with 4/5 of this bill over and over again. As for the Victorian Halls, all we need to say is that this Chicago pop group is a perfect complement to this pretty peerless local bill. And at 5 bands for 5 bucks, you really can’t lose.

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