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On Monday, January 26th The University of Iowa’s radio station, 89.7 FM KRUI, will have a brand new theme show: Corn Fed Music.  This hour-long program at 5 - 6 pm every Monday will be dedicated to Iowa musicians, artists formerly from Iowa, and bands coming into town.  As well as being a forum for musicians to get their music on the airwaves, this will also provide the opportunity (especially for local talent) to perform in studio sets, conduct interviews, or even come in as a guest DJ.  Iowa City may be lacking on some fronts, but there is a wealth of talent in the area that is occasionally looked over, or downright ignored, and for an hour every Monday we hope to fix that.

Corn Fed Music will also be the new home of those exciting Freakin’ Peeks we started here back in October of aught-eight.  We had some killer releases come out at the tail end of last year (The Tanks, Raccoo-oo-oon, Mannix!) and 2009 already has a couple Iowa acts making plenty of noise; Corn Fed Music is going to be one of the first places to get early tastes of the new material from Iowa City dub-noise-freaks Wet Hair and Mississippi mud-stomper William Elliott Whitmore.  We’ll also be highlighting upcoming shows from all your favorite Iowa City venues (and maybe a few others from across Iowa).  And since, well, we’re all about shameless self-promotion ’round here, Corn Fed Music will be the go-to spot on your radio dial for news about the 2009 installment of the Mission Creek Midwest Festival.

Set the dial for 89.7 FM every Monday from 5-6 pm or you can get that shit streaming right here.

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john c.

University of Iowa graduate with BAs in English and Cinema Studies. John bides his time as a staff writer for and with contributions to Little Village Magazine ( John hosts an hour-long show on Monday's at 5 pm through the University of Iowa's radio station 89.7 FM KRUI ( dedicated to Iowa music. "Corn Fed Music" is a showcase for Iowa artists, musicians formerly from Iowa, and acts visiting Iowa. This is a forum open for guest DJs, in studio performances, interviews, and new material offered to those who may not have access to larger media outlets. If you're interested in getting a song played, an interview, or performing a short set (20-45 min) in studio you can contact John at

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