Freakin’ Weekend: 1.29-1.31

‘Tis the big weekend, perhaps the most revered weekend in American sports. Few single events take precedence over this Sunday in America - partly because our other most revered championships - the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Finals - fail to feature the single game draw of the Super Bowl. And while plenty of events hold up to it in stature within their field, such as the Kentucky Derby or the Daytona 500, the Super Bowl is, without a doubt, the single contest America loves to love. Personally, I’ll take the drama of a seven game series or the culmination of March Madness, but every once in a while we get a great game, and this year is looking like no disappointment. And besides, for every person who enjoys the football aspect of it, there’s someone else who “just watches for the commericals.” Crazy world we live in. Regardless, we know that you can’t stand to spend your entire weekend analyzing that Polamalu/Fitzgerald matchup, though, so we’ve provided you with a handy guide on a kinda slow weekend to get you through to Sunday night. What? Oh, you don’t care about football? Oh, then, just sit back and enjoy the ads.

Timecrimes / Bijou Theatre / 9:45pm / $5
A slow night of music means a good chance to check in on your independent cinema. There’s a slew of worthwhile movies playing right now at the major theatres in anticipation of the upcoming Academy Awards, but it’s important to hit up your indie campus movie house every once in a while. There’s rarely a dud, and while I confess to have not yet seen Timecrimes, my general curiosity and bias towards Spanish film means this has got my interest already. This is Academy Award nominated director Nacho Vigalondo’s first feature length film.

Caleb Engstrom / Java House / 8pm / FREE
Two things I irrepressibly love: a good cup of coffee and the music of one Caleb Engstrom. I plan to put them together at this free show Friday night as part of the weekly Friday night music series presented by the Java House (full disclosure: the Java House is my employer). Caleb hasn’t played a gig in Iowa City in a while, so make sure to stop by and check out what he’s been working on while you load up on caffeine for your Friday night on the town.

Musee Mecanique w. Radio Moscow, Quiet Bears / PS1 / 9pm / $5
Portland’s etheral Musee Mecanique stop in town for the third time in the last year. This time they’ll be down at Public Space One for a great Saturday night trio of music. Davenport’s Quiet Bears play Iowa City for the first time in a while. We always look forward to their slow folk reminiscent of Bonnie “Prince” Billy, David Karsten Daniels, and other songwriters with three names. Musee Mecanique are still supporting their debut full-length Hold This Ghost, which recently received a glowing p4k review. Radio Moscow, a killer blues trio - think the Black Keys with classic psych-rock influences - are kicking off a tour in support of their forthcoming record.

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