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Two Dollar Radio-published books have been honored by the National Book Foundation, finalists for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, picked as ‘Editors’ Choice’ selections by The New York Times Book Review, and made year-end best-of lists at O, The Oprah MagazineNational Public RadioTime Out New York, SlateSalon, and The Believer.


They’ve received praise from The Brooklyn Rail for publishing “some of the finest works of contemporary fiction in the past few years,” and The Los Angeles Times for providing the industry with “an air of possibility, the belief that the future was very much in play.” Publishing Perspectives dubbed Two Dollar Radio “a budding literary movement;” The Seattle Stranger envisioned them leading a “dream industry” out of the wreckage of corporate publishing.


In 2013, the company announced the formation of a micro-budget film division, Two Dollar Radio Moving Pictures, an expansion that the Tribeca Film Festival’s‘Future of Film’ blog speculated could be “a real watershed moment in film.”
Two Dollar Radio was founded in 2005. The original impetus came on the heels of reading Andre Schiffrin’s The Business of Books.

The name has its origins in a San Diego bar, when the bartender/publisher was ignoring a belligerent old man who blurted out, “Don’t mind me, I make more noise than a two-dollar radio.” We tacked on the ‘Movement’ part to the name because we didn’t want to rule out future endeavors into music and film.

Two Dollar Radio functions on a no-wasted bullets policy. You won’t find jokebooks or bathroom readers camouflaged in our lists. In the work we produce, we value ambition above all, and believe that none of our books/films crimp to convention when it comes to storytelling or voice. Ideally, that contributes to a liberating reading/viewing experience. Our primary interest lies with what we would characterize as bold work: subversive, original, and highly creative.

Among the celebrated artists who have contributed cover artwork for Two Dollar Radio titles are Barbara Kruger (The Shanghai Gesture), Aubrey Perry (Termite Parade), Xylor Jane (Baby Geisha), Mat Brinkman (The Orange Eats Creeps), John Gagliano (Frequencies), Ricardo Cavolo (How To Get Into the Twin Palms), Michael Salerno/Kiddiepunk (Mira Corpora), and Lynn Davis (The Drop Edge of Yonder, Nog, Flats/Quake). Most of their covers are designed in-house.

Two Dollar Radio is based in Columbus, Ohio.