Innovation Conference 2015

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Mission Creek Innovation returns to bring entrepreneurship and technology together in the heart of Iowa City. The conference focuses on how we can reach toward the future by building diversity, creating and maintaining communities. It highlights both hardships and successes that have made leaders successful.


Prior to the core conference there will be daylong workshops for those wanting to go more in-depth and get more hands-on experience. During the conference one track of the conference will focus on entrepreneurship, another track will focus on technology and cross-cutting keynotes will bring all the attendees together. Both tracks will include talks focused on producing social good and on fostering the next generation. Other talks will be more specialized towards topics as diverse as high growth startups and distributed systems.


On Friday, April 3, Mission Creek Innovation will offer daylong workshops for those wanting to go more in-depth and get a more hands-on experience. The Clojure Workshop will give participants an introduction to functional programming on the JVM. The Diversity Workshop will provide insight into leadership for equity and inclusion.


Mission Creek Innovation 2015 takes place in the Hotel Vetro Conference Area on the 2nd Floor of the hotel. Check the schedule for updates on events and speakers.

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