New Music: The Blacks

You may recall the Blacks from their earth-shattering performance opening for Cursive at the Mill last April. If not, that’s really, terribly unfortunate, but you can still grab two new free (!) tunes from the SF/NY trio over at RCRD LBL. Tiger Songs is a two-song download only EP featuring totally new, previously unreleased tracks [...]

New Music: U.S. Girls

I know it wasn’t too long ago that we told you of the goings on from (I think it’s safe to say) the current musical crush of the missionfreak staff, but she’s so darn prolific.  Just the other day a new track titled “A Day at the Races” popped up on her myspace page.  And [...]

New Music: CAW! CAW! - Organisms

About a month ago, Chicago’s Caw! Caw! stopped in town for a two night stand at the Mill and PS1 to promote their forthcoming debut EP Wait Outside, which hits record store shelves today. Caw! Caw!, of course, happen to be one of the most recent bands to join Iowa City’s own Slanty Shanty Records. [...]

Just Announced: PS1 October shows with sBACH and Casiotone!

First, the straight dope:
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone with Gangi, Ill Ease, and Rainbow Arabia - Saturday, Oct 11th. $5
sBACH with more TBA - Monday, Oct. 13th. $5.
Roommate with The Judy Green and Ed Gray - Saturday, Oct. 25th. $5.
Now, the skinny:
Since Public Space ONE opened at the end of April, every month has [...]

New Music: School of Flyentology - Forgot to Stab Dre

Nothing gets a Monday started off better than cool fall sunshine and new music by a good friend of Mission Creek: the School of Flyentology.  The School was, for many months, a two-man project, but with Alex Flyrick flying away from Iowa City, it’s all Mikko Wolfcock at the virtual-decks.  As you know, Mikko hosts [...]

Tonight: Unknown Component CD Release show @PS1

Hey y’all.  If you’ve been paying attention for the last few weeks, you might have noticed a string of Unknown Component shows all leading up to this big night: the CD release party for In Direct Communication, Keith Lynch’s latest self-released record. Our friend Kent Williams over at The Little Village has already had a [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 9.18 - 9.20

Oh so busy here at the freak.  Far a flung are our writers and staff.  Here are the things we’ll all be missing this weekend.
Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down w. The Lonelyhearts / Aeropagus (Rock Island, IL) / 7 pm / $7
You’ve heard a lot about The Lonelyhearts already, and you can [...]

Contest: High Places/Thrill Jockey Records Give Away

As a part of the awesome upcoming show with High Places and Ponytail that we’re co-presenting with Night People (at the Mill - 9/26), Thrill Jockey has offered to do a killer giveaway in celebration of High Places’ upcoming self-titled debut record. There will be one [1] Grand Prize winner and three [3] Runners-Up. What [...]

Preview: Secret Abuse Returns to Iowa City

Who knew that Wednesday was the new Friday?  With all the celebratin’ that’ll be going on, you’re bound to think everyone’s sleeping in tomorrow.
Celebration reason #1: Jeffery Witscher a/k/a Secret Abuse will return to Iowa City for the evening. Youtube video of Jeff doing his thing here.
Celebration reason #2: Daren Ho (Driphouse/Cuticle/ex-Raccoo-oo-oon) is having a birthday.  [...]

Nethervoid DVD

Oh man, I hope your DVD player is ready.

If you’re watching your two-disc special edition version of Harrold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay on a crappy little DVD player, you’re are really gonna want an upgrade for this.
Details are currently sketchy, at best.  Here’s what we do know: Nethervoid, one of Iowa City’s premier [...]