Freakin’ Peek: Nethervoid pt. I

Welcome to a brand new feature here at the freak: Freakin’ Peek.
Sometimes we’re treated to sneak peeks of new records here.  But being the kind, generous, and approval-hungry beasts we are, we just HAVE to share some of these choice cuts with you.  However, since we’re also dramatic show-offs, we can’t just let’cha have ‘em, [...]

Video: Greg Oden sings N*Sync

It is becoming rare, in these days of 24-hour media surveillance, that athletes let us see their true selves. It seems that everything is a PR campaign, with players increasingly discouraged from saying what’s really on their mind in the attempt to avoid any possible controversy. This, however, also means that we don’t always get [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 10.16-10.18

Being in mid-October means the pinnacle of the baseball season, the run deep for the World Series. And while I love October baseball, two things are crippling it for me: a.) my beloved Red Sox are getting slaughtered by the Tampa Bay Rays (say what?!) and b.) the simple experience of watching baseball is being [...]

Preview + Contest: Brighton, MA

I remember when Brighton, MA stomped into town for the first annual Mission Creek Festival on a rainy, rainy Thursday night at the Mill. The small audience and damp surroundings didn’t matter: these guys tore it up like they were playing Red Rocks. Since that show, I’ve had the pleasure of watching this captivating four-piece [...]

Preview: sBACH, Cuticle, Wayne Western

Monday night is not exactly the night you’d expect to have to choose between shows, but this Monday you’ve got choices, so rest up tonight. It’s definitely tempting to hit up that Minus the Bear show with Annuals at the Picador, but at $15, there’s certainly reason to ply your trade elsewhere. If that bill [...]

Freakin’ Weekend: 10.9-10.11

Unlike last weekend’s shit show of decision making, this weekend should be a little easier to navigate. But, just because we’re coming into the meat of the academic period, doesn’t mean that anyone should be skipping out on some of the big shows coming up this month. We’ve already had some pretty huge ones this [...]

Review: My Morning Jacket

God speed and good luck to Mr. Jim James in his recovery.
Oh man, you think you’ve seen a lot in your day.  You think there are certain events (like say the ordeal with Oasis the other day), that you’ll never witness (and part of you doesn’t want to…but part of you, that part that really [...]

Preview: Tuesday Night Social Club

Nothing like the smell of new kicks. Well, the Mill is slipping on a brand new pair of Jordans tonight when they unleash Tuesday Night Social Club. This weekly event is a free music party featuring three bands doing their thing. It’s a showcase of sorts. You pay nothing and get to see three bands, [...]

Preview: Band of Annuals

Monday night, indie alt. country heroes Band of Annuals will roll into town with whiskey-soaked melodies and a dust-blown aesthetic, representing a vanguard of young roots music musicians with crossover appeal. The curiously named quintet hail from Salt Lake City, like Iowa City, and town with a Mormon history. They’ll more likely fit right [...]

Preview: Ed Gray

I didn’t realize until just the other day that I had this startling lack of Ed Gray in my life.  It feels like years since the troubadore reared his head at an Iowa City venue, but thankfully the dry spell is over.
Tonight Ed Gray hits up the Picador for some good ol’ beer-soaked alt-country.  I know a [...]