Review: Yellow Swans

A dispatch from John C. Schlotfelt:

At approximately 12:30, following three of Iowa City’s finest noisenicks (Secret of Use, lwa, and Racoo-oo-oon), I had what might be called a religious experience.

Headliner Yellow Swans made a warm bed of hiss-laden dissonance (something like speakers exhaling feedback) and chest-rumbling drones, then the Portland duo introduced an angelic eye to their storm. Only faintly sensed at first, something that sounded like a choir of Monks backed by pipe organ surrounded by bristling rakes of distorted guitar and twittering electronics was slowly reveled to the audience. This slice of heaven lasted for only five minutes before it passed, engulfed by their storm as it picked up steam. Still, just this brief movement in the piece would have been worth twice what I paid at the door ($6).*

*editor’s note: hell yes.

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