Freakin’ Weekend: 1.31-2.02

With this week’s primaries over and the ranks officially thinned, we’ve got our sights set squarely on next Tuesday, aka Super Tuesday, after which we should have a better idea of who will next be in charge of our great nation. Iowa’s 15 minutes are officially up, but we still can’t help being enthralled by the venom-slinging that’s taking place on the Democratic side of things, but would like to remind everyone that it isn’t always good to burn your bridges. Oh, well. At least we haven’t seen any Jerry Springer-style fisticuffs. Yet. Here’s wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Sarah Cram and the Derelicts / The Picador – 9pm - $5
The Diplomettes, as you probably know, are the sexy complement to the Diplomats of Solid Sound. You may not realize that Diplomette Sarah Cram does plenty musically in her own right, and amongst her projects are the Derelicts. Hit up the Picador on Thursday to start the weekend proper. Samuel Locke-Ward and the Awful Purdies open.

Riff Raff Theater Presents Speed / The Englert – 8pm - $10
Following in the footsteps of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (possibly the best show ever), Riff Raff Theater is going to perform a “riff” of the Keanu Reeves…strike that, Dennis Hopper thriller, Speed. Their website says the show will include audience participation and skits…but somehow we still don’t know what to expect. Make sure you see this, otherwise it won’t make any sense to you when they do a riff of Speed 2: Cruise Control.

Mission Creek Presents Andre Perry, Caleb Engstrom, and Matthew Wright at The Redhead (Solon) – 9pm
This is the first of our new series of Saturday shows at The Redhead Cafe. It’s a great opportunity to see great artists in a super intimate setting, all while grubbing on some sweet potato fries. Besides, when was the last time you chilled in Solon? Chances are the answer is never. Come out this Saturday to see where you will be spending the first Saturday of every month from now on. Andre Perry (of the Lonelyhearts), Freak fave and Mission Creek vet Caleb Engstrom, and local heartthrob Matthew Wright will be performing.

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