New Music: Ghostly Mixtape!

Whenever you see an image of that little white ghost you know an electronica bomb is about to drop all over yr grill. The laptop and turntable loving folks at XLR8R magazine recently put together an exclusive DJ mix of selections from the vast Ghostly International Records catalog. For years, Michigan-based Ghostly has been one of the best electronica labels, releasing daring work from Matthew Dear, Daniel Wang, Adult., Solvent, and many more. Heck, I remember way back in 2002 when they blew everyone’s mind with those Disco Nouveau 12 inches; ahh, the olden times. DJ/Producer Praveen Sharma is responsible for the 34-minute Ghostly mix. For fans of the label, this will be a nice detour from the post-lunch TPS reports and for newcomers it’ll be a good way to get your foot in the door of a killer label. (Props to the Des Moines Music Coalition for tipping us off.)

You listen to and download the mix HERE.

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