Freakin’ Weekend: 2.7-2.9

Hump day snow day? That’s the cat’s meow. It gave me the eye of the tiger. Whatever: I’ll stop trying to justify using an awesome picture of a tiger jumping out of a snowdrift right now. Seriously, how cool is that? Almost as cool as getting a free day in the middle of the week to do whatever you want, unless you were some sucker who still had to hustle to some job, like the fine folks that were pouring liquid down people’s throats (like mine) when we decided to hit the bar instead of the sledding hill. I’m kidding. I read all day in my pajamas. It was very nice. Now put on your snow pants and do cool shit this weekend. Here’s what we recommend:

10 Minute Play Festival / 8pm - Theatre B of the UI Theatre Building - $6 ($4 students)
Faculty member Kate Aspengren came up with the idea of the 10 minute play festival, and it has developed into a cool little tradition. There are 8 plays in this year’s fest, whittled down from 55 submissions, so first and foremost congrats to the playwrights who made the cut. Also, the cost breakdown here is amazing: 50 cents per play! And you know what they say about the weather in Florida? Wait 10 minutes and it’ll change. Hold onto your Playbill, kids.

Illinois John Fever w/Macon Greyson, Pussy River Bawler / 9pm - The Picador
We’ve had Fever fever here for quite some time, and we have to admit that is nice to see our local Apocalypse Blues Band headlining their own bill at the Picador. Macon Greyson brings some serious Son Volt-esque vibes from deep in the heart of Texas, and while I don’t know anything about Pussy River Bawler I sure had a few good laughs when googling them

CD Release Mania!: Wayne Western @ the Picador / Kate Kane and Nikki Lunden @ The Mill
Get your compact disco on with three local bands celebrating the release of their records this week. Over at the Picador it’s Mission Creek alums and all-around ass kickers Wayne Western with The Wheel and The Fence, Yamoto, and Emerge Again. Over at the Mill you’ve got Kate Kane (of Lipstick Homicide and Crokane) releasing some solo jamz, as well as the venerable Nikki Lunden doing the same. This will be worth doing a little back and forth.
*Note: we’d love to get some local records (ahem, like these ones) in the mail so we can start publishing reviews. Check out addresses and emails on our About page and feel free to send things along.

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