Freak Focus: DRI

(Introducing ‘Freak Focus’. This is where we take a moment to highlight some of our favorite Midwest artists through album reviews, interviews, or full-on adoration.)


Nimble skittering beats, lush dub-atmospherics, and a lovely drone of a voice. This and more to be found on DRI’s debut album, Smoke Rings (Range Life, 2007). While this chanteuse cut her indie teeth playing with Freak favorites, Fourth of July and Art in Manila (Orenda Fink), this record is her own trip. From the head-bobbing, acid-reggae flavor of “Don’t Wait”to the eerie cathedral reverb of “Two Are One”, it’s clearly a head trip. This is the music of lazy-afternoons, summer top-down cruising, and those nether-hour moments at the post-post-party when some cute hanger-on is dancing on your lap blowing rings of pot smoke around your early morning desires. How such sounds reveal themselves in the live setting remains to be seen. So until Wednesday (when she opens for the Headlights at the Picador), we suggest you slip some of DRI’s tracks onto your mp3 player. Let them softly slide you around this ice-storm of a city that we live in.

DRI on Myspace

Download: Dri - Don’t Wait

Download: Dri - You Know I Tried

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