Preview: The Poison Control Center

In December, we told you about The Poison Control Center’s dynamic new album, A Collage of Impressions. This week will present an opportunity for the folks in Iowa City to check out the new material live as they visit the Mill on Thursday evening. The band, who hail from Ames, have played both the 2006 and 2007 Mission Creek Festivals and are veterans of the Iowa City music scene. A Collage of Impressions reflects a diverse yet familiar collection of indie power pop tunes that fluctuate between darkly introspective and raucously exuberant. If you haven’t heard the new record, you can check out two songs below to whet your appetite. They will be joined by Twelve Canons, Burnt Ends, and Samuel Locke-Ward, making this an indie rock Thursday night of epic proportions.

If that weren’t enough and you’re still hungry for more, feel free to swing by the downtown Java House on Friday at noon, where they’ll be participating in the weekly radio program Java Blend with Ben Kiefer. It’s a weekly show featuring live music and conversation that’s free to attend. If you can’t make it, you can always tune in on AM 910.

Download: The Poison Control Center - Don’t Go

Download: The Poison Control Center - Park Slope

You can also listen to their recent Daytrotter session right here.

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