New Music: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Casiotone mastermind Owen Ashworth emerges from his lair, early in 2008, to remind us that this year, like all those before it and all those after it, will leave its own trail of murky romances and subsequently confused aftermaths. Casiotone has put up an unreleased 4-track home demo of the young heartbreak anthem “New Year’s Kiss” that originally appeared on Etiquette. In case you missed it the first time around (shame!), the lyrics hit you in the face right out of the gate: “Woke up with fingers crossed/ in a boy’s bed with your pants off.” It’s the sad story of the one night stand we can’t even remember, the ghost encounter that leaves our stomachs turning over all-day long and ours brain racking themselves for answers. And all we wanted was someone to love us in this god-forsaken city of loneliness. This is depressing stuff nestled between crunchy indie-synths that resurrect the defunct sounds of Grandaddy. Clocking in just over two minutes it’s short but beautiful, a reminder of Ashworth’s ability to draw us in with direct narrative lyricism and irresistible lo-fi pop arrangements.

Mr. Ashworth has been so kind as to post the song on the A/V section of his website. We’ve provided a direct link below. Click on it and go get lonely.

“New Year’s Kiss” mp3

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone on Myspace

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