Preview: Lit. Reading w. Mark Leidner and Shannon Burns

WorkshopIt’s Sunday, the ultimate day of relaxation — a time to catch up on brunch dates and that stack of Netflix DVDs that’s been piling up next to your/yr TV. But the Freak never sleeps yo. We’re always looking for a cool way to feed our heads. Please join us: If you’re feeling like a little music, well there’s that Maritime/Hood Internet show we told you about a few days ago but if it’s the power of literature that you want to plug into we’ve got something hot for you. This evening at 7PM, local literary group Whenever We Feel Like It presents a reading of two young, outstanding writers: Mark Leidner and Shannon Burns. Leidner in particular has been a favorite of the Freak for years. His capacity for humor and poignant reflection make for accessible yet impressive poetry. The reading takes place in the Frank Conroy room in the Dey House, home of the Writers’ Workshop. The address is: 507 N. Clinton Street in Iowa City.

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  1. 1 Tanner


    Apparently, you are on the 55 movie-at-a-time Netflix option. Congratulations on having the luxury to pay the $350 membership fee that accompanies that option.

  2. 2 andre

    Actually, I’ve upgraded to 90. There’s a little Netflix shipping office in my bathroom. It’s run by an elf. He’s really nice though and we chip in on pizza pies together from time to time.

  3. 3 Joe B

    Hey, nice Netflix commerical. Good to see you’re supporting local establishments like Rentertainment and the Bijou Theater.

  4. 4 andre

    whatever dude, i rock the bijou like lil wayne rocks mixtapes. get yr facts straight.

  5. 5 todd

    i’m so indie that i get movies from the public library.

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